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With roughly $6 billion in surplus revenue in Missouri's coffers at the start of the 2023 legislative session, Missouri House Democrats want to provide services through the budget process that will empower Missourians to enter and remain in the workforce and strengthen our state's economy. For us, that means improving public K-12 education opportunities, strengthening higher education and workforce development programs, expanding access to affordable health care and child care, consumer-focused and small business-friendly economic development, and investing heavily in Missouri's crumbling infrastructure.

Missouri families deserve better than the second-rate leadership Republicans have given them for the past twenty years. House Democrats have a plan to put Missouri and its people first.


Too many Missouri laws endanger the lives and well-being of Missourians. Radical gun reforms pushed by Republicans in the last 20 years have made Missouri the fourth most lethal state for firearm deaths in the country. In the few months since Missouri's abortion ban went into effect, pregnant Missourians have come close to death because they are forbidden from receiving the medical care they need. All too often, our criminal justice system locks people away without tackling the underlying causes of crime, and our state's most vulnerable children find themselves at the whim of social services that Republicans have starved of resources.

Missouri House Democrats know that lawmakers have a responsibility to pass policies that save lives.

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Strong democracies protect the rights and freedoms of all. But recently freedom for all in Missouri has come under assault from Republican politicians. Over the past several sessions they have introduced bills to censor learning materials in Missouri schools and libraries, infringe our voting rights, decimate the initiative petition process, and discriminate against the LGBTQ community.


House Democrats will protect your civil rights, your constitutional freedoms, and your ability to do your civic duty.

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