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Ashley Aune

District 14

Representative Ashley Aune, a Democrat, represents Platte and Clay Counties (District 14) in the Missouri House of Representatives. She was elected to her first two-year term in November 2020.

In addition to her legislative duties, Aune is the owner of Propel Creative Studio – a marketing agency in Kansas City. Aune received a bachelors’ degree in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas with a minor in English.

Born in Colorado and raised in Kansas, Aune now lives in the Kansas City Northland with her husband and stepdaughter.

Mailing Address:

MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue


Jefferson City, MO 65101


Phone Number:

Email Address:



Kansas City


Platte County

Minority Whip


  • Ex-officio member of all committees of the House

  • Emerging Issues, Ranking Minority Member

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