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After a 2023 session which Democrats play an integral role in extending postpartum Medicaid coverage, securing funding for the expansion of Interstate 70 and passing pay raises for Missouri's public workers, the Missouri House Democratic Caucus will continue its mission to invest in Missourians, save lives, and defend democracy.

As the 2024 legislative session gets underway, House Democrats are looking to build on last year’s successes with an agenda focused on improving economic opportunities, bolstering public education, reducing violent crime and providing targeted tax relief for Missouri families.


“Many times last year we proved that when lawmakers set aside political pandering and focus on solving problems, we can achieve solutions,” said House Minority Leader Crystal Quade, D-Springfield. “Despite last year’s successes, much more needs to be done, and we hope to again work with the majority party to improve the everyday lives of all Missourians.”


Key legislation Democrats had championed for years that finally became law in 2023 included expanding post-partum Medicaid coverage for mothers and newborns, ending the harmful “cliff effect” on social safety net programs and bolstering police training and accountability standards. Democrats also helped secure state funding for numerous infrastructure projects and long-neglected operational needs at state agencies.


Issues Democrats will advocate for in 2024 include boosting minimum teacher pay, securing more money for K-12 schools than the bare minimum called for by the state funding formula, restoring the power of police to remove firearms from the hands of dangerous individuals, reinstating limits on foreign ownership of Missouri agricultural land and protecting reproductive rights.


The House Democratic Caucus will highlight specific legislation filed by members in the coming weeks.

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